Automatic Air Vent - 1/8" NPT - Coin Vent
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Product Specifications
General Data
Connection TypeNPT
Performance Data
Maximum Operating Pressure (PSI)125
Maximum Fluid Temperature (Fahrenheit)240
Connection Size (Inches)1/8
Product Height (Inches)1
Product Width (Inches)35/64
Product Depth (Inches)35/64
Shipping Weight (Pounds)0.06
Warranty (Years)1

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Taco - 417-3 - Automatic Air Vent - 1/8" NPT Connection - Coin Vent
Product Overview

The Taco-Vent 417 automatic coin vent is a perfect complement to hot water and steam radiators. Air buildup in a hydronic system creates noise in addition to restricting circulation and heat transfer, resulting in cold zones and inefficient comfort. With a 417 coin vent, air is expelled automatically. Hygroscopic cellulose discs contained within the vent maintain a positive shut-off when wet, but when dry they force excess air out of your system. This keeps your hydronic radiant system running efficiently and quietly.

Product Features

Internal Ball Check
The 417 coin vent includes an internal ball check, which allows the user to manually suspend venting operations.

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