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Honeywell VisionPRO 8000 Thermostat

Posted by Keith on October 7, 2013 at 2:54:16 PM in Product Spotlight

Honeywell VisionPRO 8000 Thermostat

This time of year, I always think of the fable of the ant and the grasshopper. With winter coming, the ant dutifully collects food and readies his home, while the grasshopper wastes his summer in singing and dancing. When snow falls, the ant is warm and well-fed in his prepared home. The imprudent grasshopper is left shivering and hungry against winter's bite. 


Even if our lives aren't as dire as the grasshopper's, that doesn't mean we shouldn't show the ant's diligence. With winter approaching, it's smart to check our backup generators or winterize doors and windows against December's winds. One of the simplest, most effective things we can do to be the ant is to upgrade our thermostat.


A home heating system controlled by an out-of-date thermostat is like a car with jammed accelerator. Like a car, a furnace or boiler is meant to be a finesse machine. A home's heat needs to adapt constantly to the home, just as a car up-shifts to 5th on the freeway and downshifts in the city. Without a programmable thermostat like those produced by Honeywell, the car that is your furnace revs in top gear even through a 15 mph speed limit.


The Honeywell TH8320U1008 VisionPRO 8000 Touchscreen 7-Day Programmable Thermostat provides the finesse your home heating system requires. First and most important, the Honeywell VisionPRO is a programmable thermostat. In today's energy-conscious world, a programmable thermostat is an absolute must. The US Department of Energy estimates you can save up to 15 percent on yearly heating and cooling costs simply by installing a programmable thermostat with day/night functionality. With proper programming, Honeywell estimates the savings can reach up to 33 percent. Given a yearly bill of $2,400, installing a programmable Honeywell thermostat can put $360-$790 back in your pocket. You can recoup the cost of a programmable thermostat in a matter of weeks.


The VisionPRO 8000 offers additional functionality which sets it apart. As its name suggests, the VisionPro is a 7-day programmable thermostat. A homeowner can enter a unique program for each and every day of the week. Other programmable thermostats only allow two programs—one for weekends and one for weekdays. The ability to fine-tune daily programs allows a homeowner to maximize energy savings.


The VisionPRO 8000 also boasts a simple-to-navigate touchscreen. While other thermostats offer equal functionality, programming and menu navigation often feel like running a vast maze. By using a large display and easy-to-understand menu commands, a homeowner can ensure the thermostat and heating system work to their maximum efficiency without needing a handful of engineering degrees.


The large touchscreen also displays current operating information to ensure proper performance. The temperature setpoint can be adjusted by as little as a single degree Fahrenheit if a room is too hot or too cold. Additional diagnostic information will inform a homeowner if the unit's batteries are nearing exhaustion or if the furnace filter needs replacing. These simple hiccups are often the biggest culprits in stealing efficiency from a filter.


Perhaps the most practical feature of the VisionPro's display is its backlight. It always seems furnace issues arise in the middle of the night. Instead of needing to overturn the entire house looking for a flashlight, the backlit display of the VisionPro is simple to use, even shivering at 2:43 in the morning.


The Honeywell TH8320U1008 VisionPRO is engineered to work with most furnaces and boilers, able to control 3-stage heating systems and 2-stage cooling systems. The Honeywell thermostat can also control any home fan system, churning air to keep rooms fresh and temperate.


Combine all these features with Honeywell's included warranty and it's easy to see why Honeywell thermostats are most popular among homeowners. Installing a Honeywell VisionPro programmable thermostat will provide a simple route to increased comfort and energy efficiency, with an iron-clad guarantee that the product will work for years to come.


Brace yourself; winter is coming. There's no need to fret, though, we can still be the ant and upgrade our thermostats while there's warm weather to spare.


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