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Mitsubishi's Line-Hide system of line set covers is the perfect product to protect your copper line sets from the elements. They're 100% paintable too, so you can preserve the architectural integrity of your home!


Presenting Mitsubishi's Line-Hide!

Often, you'll need to run a significant length of your line set outdoors before it penetrates through your wall. The Line-Hide system protects your line sets from exposure to the elements, including UV rays which can break down insulation over time. They are also designed to protect drain lines and wiring. As an added benefit, the Line-Hide system is paintable so you can match the color of your siding, preserving the décor of your home.

Common Questions

What is Line-Hide?
Line-Hide is a product from Mitsubishi Electric that is designed to conceal and protect your copper line set and control wiring required for a mini split system.
Can UV rays really damage my line set?
The insulation used in line sets does break down over time. Direct exposure to sunlight and the elements hastens this breakdown.
How does Line-Hide help?
Line-Hide helps protect line sets because it forms a barrier around the line set and control wiring that prevents direct exposure to sunlight and elements. Line-Hide is made of high quality PVC with UV inhibitors for outdoor service in all weather conditions.
Can I paint Line-Hide?
Yes! Line-Hide can be painted with most house paints to match exterior décors.
How do you install Line-Hide?
Installation is a breeze with the modular design and snap-on components. Where screws are required, they are included with the products.
Can I use Line-Hide indoors?
Yes! Line-hide meetes UL94v-0 for interior applications. Use it anywhere you want to conceal cabling, piping, or wiring.

A Typical Application

CD - Split Line Tube: Conceals and protects line set, drain tubing, and connecting wire from elements
NR - End Socket: Used to seal line set cover at condenser
NE - Horizontal Elbow: Used to turn on the wall of installation (avoid obstales such as windows, etc.)
NC - Vertical Elbow: Used to turn into or away from the wall of installation (Go around corners, under soffits, etc.)
NS - Socket/Coupling: Used to connect two split line tubes (CD) in a straight run
NW - Wall Cover: Used to seal around wall penetration

Choosing Your Size

Line-Hide products come in different sizes, so you'll be able to get the perfect fit. Below, you'll find a quick reference table we've created to help you easily find the correct size of line-hide for your application.

# of Line Sets1/4" x 3/8"1/4" x 1/2"1/4" x 5/8"3/8" x 5/8"
1. While size 60 line-hide may fit some application, we suggest using size 75 to allow for easier installation.
2. If you have multiple sizes of linesets, we suggest using the largest size for the cross-reference table above.

Links to Common Products

Below you'll find links to the most common line-hide products. With a combination of the pieces below, you can successfully install the line-hide system for most basic applications.


Other Line-Hide Products

In case your application is more complicated, the line-hide system includes products to fit almost all requirements. A complete list, with links, is below:

NY - Simple Wall Cover
Used to seal around wall penetration. We recommend NW instead, as it is easier to install.
Available Sizes: NY-75, NY-100, NY-140
NX - Universal Horizontal Elbow
Used to create angles between 45° to 90° on the wall of installation.
Available Sizes: NX-75, NX-100, NX-140
NZ - Universal Vertical Elbow
Used to create angles between 45° to 90° into or away from the wall of installation.
Available Sizes: NZ-75, NZ-100, NZ-140
NM - 45° Horizontal Elbow
Used to create angles of 45° on the wall of installation.
Available Sizes: NM-75, NM-100, NM-140
NU - 45° Vertical Elbow
Used to create angles of 45° into or away from the wall of installation.
Available Sizes: NU-75, NU-100, NU-140
NJ - Variant Socket/Reducer
Used to change size of tube.
Available Sizes: NJ-60/75, NJ-75/100, NJ-100/140
NK - Wall Entry Fitting
Used to seal penetration when line set runs perpendicular to entry wall.
Available Sizes: NK-75, NK-100, NK-140
NT - T-Joint
Used to split the path of a line-hide installation.
Available Sizes: NT-75, NT-100, NT-140
NA - Corner Cap/Soffit Entry Fitting
Used to seal around penetration in soffit.
Available Sizes: NA-75, NA-100, NA-140
NF - Flexible Joint
Used to connect segments for unique applications.
Available Sizes: NF-75, NF-75M, NF-100, NF-140

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