What does "In Stock" mean?

When a product is listed as 'In Stock', it means it is readily available at our warehouse or at one of our partner's warehouses. Our partners are select Manufacturers and Warehousers who we have vetted for shipping accuracy and quality. With over 30,000 products listed on our website, this is the most efficienct way to quickly get you the materials you need.

When products are back-ordered, we try to update the availability on our website as quickly as possible. With so many products to keep track of, it can take us some time to update the status of an item. To get the most accurate availability information, please call us at 866-554-4328 and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. Should the item you're looking for be back-ordered, we can provide an estimate of when it will be in stock, or even suggest an alternative product that will meet your needs.

Shipping Timeframes

We provide shipping timeframes (e.g. 2-3 days) for most of our products as estimates. We try very hard to fit into these timeframes, but occasionally a product will take longer to ship than we estimate. This doesn't happen very often, but if it does we'll let you know as soon as possible. We understand that receiving your product is the most important part of your shopping experience, so we evaluate our warehouse staff based on how quickly they ship your order to you. If you have any comments or suggestions that you feel would be helpful to us, please e-mail us at

Discontinued Products

If a product page shows an item as 'Discontinued', it means the item is no longer in production by the manufacturer. If the product has been replaced by an updated model, you will find a link to the updated model on the discontinued product's page.  If you have any questions about the availability of a product, please call us at 866-554-4328 and a customer service represtentative will be happy to assist you.

Last Updated: Februrary 1, 2013

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