Warranty Statement

All products we sell include the original Manufacturer's Warranty on parts and workmanship. Please review our policies below before contacting us about a warranty claim.

First Step: Call Us with Your Contractor!

Most of our products are technical in nature, and are intended to be installed only by trained professional contractors. This is especially true of products that require high voltage electricity or combustible fuel such as natural or propane gas. End-users should always hire professional contractors for installation and service of equipment. If you are experiencing difficulty with your equipment, our experienced technicians and engineers can walk through the installation or diagnostic procedures with your contractor. For your safety, we cannot provide support for self-installs. This policy is in place to make sure that your equipment is installed properly and safely. This also helps us fix your problem quickly by ensuring that you get the correct diagnosis and replacement part.

"DIY" Installations

We do not support homeowner self-installs of technical products (e.g. boilers, mini-splits, unit heaters, etc.). Generally, products that require high-voltage power or combustible fuel are technical. However, other products may also be considered technical and require professional installation. If you’re not sure, you can always ask us.

If you encounter problems with your technical product while attempting a “DIY” (Do It Yourself) installation, stop immediately. Before we can file a warranty claim on your behalf, we require that you engage a professional contractor to install the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Should you proceed with this type of installation, know that you are proceeding at your own risk and that the warranty will be voided.

Warranty Registration

If your contractor has determined that your product is defective, you may qualify for a partial or complete replacement of your product under the manufacturer’s warranty. Before you contact us regarding your warranty claim, you’ll need to register your product with us. To do so, please log in to your account and visit the My Warranties page. Here you will be able register basic information about the product and its installation in order to comply with manufacturers’ policies.

Product Defects

If a defect is discovered in a product sold by within the warranty period, we’ll provide a replacement for the defective part under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty statement. In order to submit a Warranty Claim, proceed to the My Warranties section of your account and select the order containing the defective product. The resulting Order Details page will allow you to select the defective product and provide details about the problem. (Note: You must register each affected product before you will be able to select it for a claim. See above for details.)

Once the warranty claim has been submitted, our warranty department staff will work to determine how best to restore the unit to working order within the bounds of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. If it is determined that any part of the affected unit requires replacement, we will create an order for the appropriate part(s), and send you an email with a link to our Collateral Agreement. Once the agreement has been submitted and approved, we will release the warranty replacement order immediately, and ship the replacement part(s) as soon as availability permits. Once the replacement part(s) has been installed, you will need to return the defective part(s) using the appropriate prepaid return shipping method. Due to manufacturer requirements for warranty claims, if we do not receive the defective part(s) within 30 days of when the replacement part(s) was delivered, we reserve the right to collect full retail price for the replacement part(s).

Returning Defective Parts

We’ll arrange for return shipping of any parts that become defective during the warranty period. For parts that can ship via Parcel (e.g. UPS or FedEx), we’ll send you a pre-paid return label either electronically or via USPS. Please package your product for safe transit and apply the label to the box. Then, just drop it off at any local UPS/FedEx (depending on the label) location.

For products which are too large or heavy to ship via Parcel, we’ll schedule an LTL Freight pickup for you. We’ll provide you with an electronic copy of a “Bill of Lading”, which serves as the shipping document. You can schedule a pickup directly with the carrier, or we can do it for you. Products shipping LTL must be securely packaged on a pallet for safe transit (we recommend using the one it came on). The shipment needs to be at street level when the driver arrives. The driver cannot enter your home to pick up the product.

Labor Warranty

Most contractors provide a one year labor warranty on installations. We will not be responsible for labor costs to diagnose, repair, install, or otherwise service the products we sell. Should a product, for any reason, be eligible for a labor credit from a manufacturer, we will forward such credit only after it has been paid to us.

Brands with Anti-Internet Policies

We at recognize that some brands have published disclaimers against purchasing certain equipment via the internet. In such cases, will match the original Manufacturer's Warranty on parts and workmanship in both length and scope. Some manufacturers have an 'anti-internet' policy for various reasons, but chief among them is the risk of improper installation by end-users or untrained installers. We strongly agree with this concern, and want to clearly express that we do not support homeowner self-installs of technical products (e.g. boilers, mini-splits, unit heaters, etc.). Any warranty on products we sell, whether provided by the manufacturer or us, will be void in the event of improper installation.


Last Updated: April 28, 2015

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