Sizing Guides

Use the resources below to get a rough estimate for the sizing of your heating and cooling equipment. While these tools can be helpful to get a general idea of your system's overall needs, we strongly recommend that you call us at 866-554-HEAT (4328) for a free complete sizing estimate from an expert. We strive to make sure you get exactly what you need to be comfortable - you deserve it!

Sizing HVAC Equipment: Why and How?

One of the most important decisions to make when selecting a new heating or cooling system is how large a unit to buy. A properly sized unit will improve comfort and reduce energy, equipment, and maintenance costs. This holds true whether... [Read full article]

Mini Split Sizing Calculator

Sizing your mini split system correctly is a vital step towards ensuring your comfort.  If it is too small, you'll find yourself wasting energy while your unit runs and runs, all the while never reaching that temperature you desire.  If it is... [Read full article]

Air Conditioner Sizing Chart

Buying an air conditioner is an important purchase, and it is worth your time to make sure you do it right.  ´╗┐This table provided by Energy Star can be used to get a VERY ROUGH ESTIMATE of how many BTUs you need to cool a given... [Read full article]