Buying Guides

Can't figure out how two similar products differ? Afraid you're missing an important accessory? Not even sure where to begin? No worries! Here you will find all you need to know about purchasing some of our more complicated HVACR and plumbing products. If you're still stuck, you can always ask our experts for help by calling 866-554-HEAT (4328) or sending an email to

Line-Hide Buying Guide

Presenting Mitsubishi's Line-Hide! Often, you'll need to run a significant length of your line set outdoors before it penetrates through your wall. The Line-Hide system protects your line sets from exposure to the elements, including UV rays... [Read full article]

Biasi Radiator Buying Guide

The Biasi Flat Panel Radiator Flat Panel radiators are an attractive option for homes with hot water boilers. With their elegant Italian design, Biasi's Flat Panel radiators have been popular in Europe for decades. They are perfect alternative... [Read full article]

Mini Split Buying Guide

 Mini splits are a compact and efficient solution to provide cooling, and often heating, to your home. Mini splits consist of an outdoor unit connected to one or several indoor units to provide independent temperature control to each... [Read full article]

Boiler Selection Guide

If your home uses radiators to distribute heat throughout your home, it is your boiler that is responsible for producing that heat. Making sure you buy the right boiler for your specific needs will keep you comfortable for years and keep your... [Read full article]

Mini Split Accessory Guide

A mini split system can be a great solution for cooling, and often heating, your home or office space. When purchasing a mini split, it is important to make sure you have also purchased the appropriate accessories necessary to install the system.... [Read full article]

Hydronic System Accessory Guide

Expansion Tank Like air, water will want to expand when it is heated. In a closed system, this will cause system pressure to increase rapidly, unless the water is given a volume to expand into. If left uncontrolled, this increase in... [Read full article]

Central Air - Outdoor Unit Buying Guide

A typical central air conditioning system consists of three main components. These include the outdoor unit to exchange heat with outdoor air, the indoor coil to exchange heat with indoor air, and the blower to circulate the conditioned air... [Read full article]

Central Air - Furnace Buying Guide

In most cold climates, forced air heating has replaced steam and hot water systems as the predominant method for heating a home. The heart of nearly every forced heating system is the furnace. Furnaces come in a variety of sizes, types, and... [Read full article]

Central Air - Air Handler & Coil Buying Guide

While the outdoor unit alone is commonly referred to as the air conditioner, a coil or air handler inside the home is what actually removes heat and humidity from the air. Coils are used in applications where a blower is already present in the... [Read full article]