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A smart shopper is an educated shopper. Our expert staff has come together and combined their knowledge to help you understand all sorts of HVACR and plumbing problems, questions, and solutions. We brainstormed the most commonly asked questions and tried to answer them in depth by writing these articles. Have a question that's not covered? Let us know at!

Furnace, Heat Pump, or Both? (A Word from an Expert)

When it comes to heating your home, there are plenty of options to choose from.  Not only are there various brands, sizes, and efficiencies for you to juggle, but the equipment itself may also vary depending on your specific heating needs.  For... [Read full article]

How do HRVs and ERVs work? (A Word from an Expert)

Today’s buildings are being built tighter than ever before.  Extreme care is taken to install modern siding, use high-quality insulation, and seal all cracks to prevent air from leaking in or out.  Such tight buildings are designed with the... [Read full article]

How Do Boilers Work? (A Word from an Expert)

It’s getting colder out, and most homes are starting to rely more and more on that big tank of water pumping out heat: your boiler.  Maybe it’s tucked away in a tight closet, or maybe it’s out for all to see in your laundry room or basement.... [Read full article]

How Does Radiant Floor Heating Work? (A Word from an Expert)

Winter weather is pushing its way in, and it’s not leaving any time soon.  That means getting back to that awful feeling of stepping out of your hot shower and onto freezing tiles.  For many of us, it can also mean waking up to see inches upon... [Read full article]

Ventilation Solutions (A Word from an Expert)

This time of year brings about an interesting conundrum. Whether you’re pumping your home full of heat or still keeping the A/C on, it’s important to keep that conditioned air locked inside. What a waste to spend money bringing your indoor air to... [Read full article]

A Quick Word on Air Filters (A Word from an Expert)

What keeps your air clean, your home energy efficient, and HVAC system working smoothly? If you said air filters, you’d be almost right. The real answer is CLEAN air filters! Your filter might passively collect dust, bacteria, and other... [Read full article]

Let's Talk Indirect Water Heaters (A Word from an Expert)

By adding an indirect fired water heater to your existing hot water boiler, you achieve the most efficient way of obtaining your domestic water needs. Most indirect fired water heaters consist of a stainless steel tank that is very well... [Read full article]

Tankless Water Heaters (A Word from an Expert)

Tankless water heaters  (a.k.a. "on demand" water heaters), are a very efficient way of supplying domestic hot water. A tankless water heater requires a gas line and an electrical source. As the name indicates, this type of water heater does... [Read full article]

Tips to Prepare for the Fall and Winter (Tips and Tricks)

Heating season is on its way and it’s always best to be prepared.  Whether you’ll be up to your knees in snow or getting a nice tan, it’s important to take steps to ensure your home is ready for the coming months. For your convenience, we’ve... [Read full article]

More Energy Saving Tips for Winter (Tips and Tricks)

Back in August we made a list of 14 tips for saving energy in the fall and winter seasons.  While it’s always best to get a head start, it’s not too late to make your home an energy efficient one.  Not only will you be helping the environment,... [Read full article]

Energy Saving Tips for Summer (Tips and Tricks)

Summer's here, and it's not leaving any time soon. As the outdoor temperature gets higher and higher, so might your energy bill. Cooling your home can be quite an expense, but if done properly, doesn't have to break the bank.  Below are 10 tips... [Read full article]

Flood Recovery & Your Home (Tips and Tricks)

As North America recovers from Hurricane Sandy, the first priority will be ensuring the safety of people in the affected areas. Next, emergency workers will need to restore critical infrastructure such as power and telecommunications.... [Read full article]

Schluter Shower Installation Videos (Tips and Tricks)

[Read full article]