EM-WU153S5-SL1, WarmFlo Electric Plenum Duct Heater - Upflow, 15 kW, 15" wide print

EM-WU153S5-SL1, WarmFlo Electric Plenum Duct Heater - Upflow, 15 kW, 15" wide
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Product Specifications
General Data
Product LineWarmFlo
Performance Data
Heating Capacity (BTU)51,000
Heating Capacity (kW)15
Minimum Air Flow (CFM)900
Electrical Data
Voltage (Volts)240
Frequency (Hertz)60
Product Height (Inches)11 1/8
Product Width (Inches)16 1/2
Product Depth (Inches)27
Product Weight (Pounds)30
Parts Warranty (Years)2
Heating Element Warranty (Years)20
Electro Industries
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EM-WU153S5-SL1, WarmFlo Electric Plenum Duct Heater with Sensors - Upflow, 15 kW, 15" wide- 51,000 BTU, Plenum and Outdoor Sensors, Modulating Heating Elements,
Product Overview

EM-WU153S5-SL1, WarmFlo Electric Plenum Duct Heater - Upflow, 15 kW, 15" wide - 51,000 BTU

EM-WU153S5-SL1, WarmFlo Electric Plenum Duct Heater - Upflow, 15 kW, 15" wide - 51,000 BTU-Single Stage Heat Pump or A/C. This unit can be used in conjunction with a single stage heat pump, with one or two-stage air conditioning, or without air conditioning. This unit is compatible with single or multi-stage gas or oil furnaces with or without variable speed blowers. This unit includes automatic dual fuel control, with manual override switch. A conventional 4-wire thermostat must be used when installing with a heat pump.

The patented WarmFlo Zero-Clearance Pleanum Air Heaters are electric conversion system converts your existing natural gas, LP, or oil furnace into a "Dual-fuel" (electric/gas-oil) system. Having this ability to use lower cost electric rates and by using the most cost effective heating source available can save you hundreds of dollars off of your heating bills each year. To understand the true cost of energy for your heating system view the electric vs. gas/oil chart. With electric's 100% efficiency you will be able to get an idea of the cost savings available by usingelectric's off-peak rates.

The WarmFlo Select Electric Plenum Heater Series enhances overall heating system comfort, performance, and effi ciency. Whether you are combining a gas or oil-fi red furnace or adding an air source heat pump, WarmFlo can maximize your heating system's performance by monitoring outdoor and warm air plenum temperatures. Complete all-inclusive controls make installation and setup easy. Using our dual energy selector makes switching energy types as easy as a "fl ip of the switch".

How does WarmFlo work with an air source heat pump?

The WarmFlo controller receives temperature information from the warm air plenum sensor and the outside sensor to monitor the heating system performance. Using data from the sensors, the WarmFlo intelligent controller automatically establishes a warm air delivery temperature ideal for the specific outdoor temperature. As outside temperature drops, the air source heat pump output decreases and the warm air required to heat the home increases. The WarmFlo plenum heater automatically adds heat in 500 watt increments to meet the heating requirements of the home.

Benefits of EM-WU153S5-SL1, WarmFlo Electric Plenum Duct Heater at a glance:

Outstanding Efficiency

  • Uses low electric kWh rate for 91+ % of the annual heating.
  • Added temperature sensing technology - Outdoor Weather Reset

  • Capability for indoor and outdoor sensors, aditional energy saving options.
  • Duel-Fuel Capability

  • One model, can be used with a Gas/Oil/Wood Furnace.
  • Variable Speed Motor Furnaces and Air Handlers Comparable

  • Designed for both single and variable speed blowers.
  • Reliable Safety

  • Simplified system control wiring, No high temperature audible alarm.
  • Advanced Control System.

  • All-inclusive controls, can be used with either heat pump or air conditioning.
  • Multiple Applications

  • Modulates electric elements, Automatic switchover .
  • Easy Installation, Service and Maintenance

  • No 2nd I/F "box" required, No chip code selection required.
  • Compact, Lightweight Design and Zero clearance to Combustibles

  • Make it EZ-Mate Electric Plenum Heater a great choice for limited-space installations.
  • WarmFlo Select Electric Plenum Heater Series Other Standard Features :

  • Provides a control technology for utilizing the high efficiencies of a heat pump down to at least 0 F.
  • Generally provides $400+ annual operating savings compared to dual fuel HP installations.
  • Proportional control - outlet temperature ramps up with decrease in outdoor temperature.
  • Overcomes heat pump "cold air syndrome".
  • Mini Demand Control or Load Shed.
  • Setup dial selections - Heat Pump or non-Heat Pump.
  • Heating capacity determined by outdoor temperature.
  • Thermostat or end switch connection (R and W).
  • Load management control provisions.
  • Heavy duty sheet metal enclosure.
  • Approved zero clearance above A-coil or furnace.
  • Single conventional 4-wire thermostat control.
  • Spin finned rod elements (20-year warranty).
  • 2-year parts warranty.
  • Can be added to most 100-amp service entrances - 5 kW firm load, 5 kW shed load.
  • Typically less airflow upgrades and less baffling requirements.
  • Quiet operation with individual DC relays.
  • Energy control selector.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Factory tested.
  • WarmFlo Select Electric Plenum Heater Series Warranty

    2 years parts / 20 years Heating Elements

    All of the Our WarmFlo Plenum Duct Electric Heaters makes ordering and installing a WarmFlo plenum heater easier than ever. We have integrated the control and interface modules into one discrete system which includes all of the features and flexibility of our WarmFlo II plenum heaters. In other words, you no longer have to worry about which interface module or chip code you need whether you are installing the plenum heater in conjunction with air conditioning, without air conditioning, or with a single stage heat pump.

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