FXZQ18M7VJU 4-Way Ceiling Mounted Cassette Indoor Unit (24" x 24") - 18,000 BTU print

FXZQ18M7VJU 4-Way Ceiling Mounted Cassette Indoor Unit (24" x 24") - 18,000 BTU
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Product Specifications
General Data
TypeCeiling Cassette Unit
Operating ModeHeat Pump
Multi-Zone CompatibleYes
Installation LocationIndoor
Performance Data
Cooling Capacity (BTU)18,000
Heating Capacity (BTU)21,000
Minimum Air Flow (CFM)353
Maximum Air Flow (CFM)495
Maximum Sound Level (dB)41
Electrical Data
Voltage (Volts)208-230
Frequency (Hertz)60
Liquid Connection Size (Inches)1/4
Suction Connection Size (Inches)1/2
Product Height (Inches)13 7/16
Product Width (Inches)27 9/16
Product Depth (Inches)27 9/16
Product Weight (Pounds)48
Parts Warranty (Years)1
Discontinued - Call for Availability
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Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Attention: This model has been discontinued by Daikin. It has been replaced by MXS Series - 18,000 BTU - Mini Split Indoor Unit - Ceiling Cassette - Heat Pump. Please call us at 866-554-4328 to check availability prior to checking out.
Daikin FXZQ18M7VJU, Flex Multi-Split, Ceiling Mounted Cassette Indoor Unit (24" x 24"), (1)Indoor: FXZQ18M7VJU - 18,000 BTU, Built-in condensate drain pump , Washable Ceiling Decoration Panel (BYFQ60B8W1U)
Product Overview

Daikin FXZQ18M7VJU, 4-Way Ceiling Mounted Cassette Indoor (24" x 24") Unit, Fan Coil Unit, Inverter Technology, 18,000 BTU

Daikin FXZQ18M7VJU - Ceiling Mounted Cassette Indoor Fan Coil Unit.Ideal solution for multi-room system, you can enjoy your ideal level of comfort in the most important rooms in your home. Each room (zone) operates independently. People in difference rooms the kitchen, master bedroom or living room can enjoy temperature settings that make each of them most comfortable. These Daikin FXZQ18M7VJU multi-zone mini-split wall mount heat pump will provide you with 20,000 BTU of heating for cold winter and 18,000 BTU of cooling for hot summer and t works perfect with Daikin RXYMQ36MVJU and Daikin RXYMQ48MVJU outdoor units.

What is Mini-Split Heat Pump?

Like your refrigerator, heat pumps use electricity to pump refrigerant and transfer heat from one space to another. When we transfer heat from within our home to the outdoors, we call it "air conditioning". Conversely, when we transfer heat from the outdoors to within the home, we call it a "heat-pump". Because refrigerant is naturally much colder than outdoor temperatures even on a very cold day, it actually absorbs heat from outdoors, and transfers the heat it absorbed outside to within your home. The refrigerant`s physicalproperties do this naturally. What you pay for is the electricity to pump refrigerant via copper tubing from outdoors to indoors. Because we move the heat rather than create it (as electric baseboard or resistant heat does), we can deliver up to 4 times the heat for the energy we consume!

The VRV-S System Features :

  • Each fan coil unit uses a dedicated electronic expansion valve for superior room temperature control,meaning individual control in all necessary zones.
  • 208 ~ 230V/1-phase power for residential and light commercial applications.
  • Compressor capacity is modulated automatically to maintain a constant suction pressure, while varying the refrigerantvolume to precisely deliver the needs of the cooling or heating loads.
  • Long refrigerant lines, up to 1,000 feet of pipe (492 feet max. linear liquid piping length), 165 height difference.
  • A choice of ducted fan coils, 4-way cassette, ceiling suspended, wall mounted or floor console.
  • Daisy chain control wiring, 2 wire non-shielded, non-polarized cable for simple installation.
  • Superior heating capability with operation as low as -5 FWB (0 FDB).

Daikin FXZQ18M7VJU - Ceiling Mounted Cassette Indoor Fan Coil Inverter Technology.

INVERTER-driven compressor systems in the outdoor unit detect subtle changes in temperature and, like a cars cruise control, automatically adjust compressor speed unlikeconventional units, which start and stop repetitively. Special components within the compressor increase the magnetic flux and reduce its weight, allowing the compressor to generate higher energy efficiencies with better performance than ever before at low levels of sound during start-up and running. "Soft start" reduces the instantaneous peak demand associated with AC equipment starts. The compressor starts at minimum speed, avoiding high inrush current associated with standard compressors.

Daikin FXZQ18M7VJU Wall Mounted Indoor Fan Coil Unit Key Features :
  • Inverter (Variable speed compressor)
  • Washable front grille
  • Built-in condensate drain pump with 21 inch of lift
  • Outside air capable (knockout)
  • Airflow pattern choices up to 4 ways
  • Ductable branch (knockout)
  • Washable long life filter with mildew proof resin
  • Washable Ceiling Decoration Panel (BYFQ60B8W1U)
Daikin FXZQ18M7VJU 18,000 BTU Indoor Fan Coil Unit Includes :
  • Wall Unit
  • Installation plate & hardware
  • Owner`s manual
  • Built-in condensate drain pump with 21 of lift
The Daikin FXZQ18M7VJU Indoor Fan Coil Unit is not a complete system. It can be paired with :
It will also be paired with any of the following units for multi-zone use :
This Daikin FXDQ07MVJU can be controlled by these types of Zone Controllers (sold separately):
  • Model BRC1D71. Wired R/C. 7-Day Programmable.
  • Model BRC2A71. Simplified Wired R/C.
  • Models: BRC7C812, BRC7e83, BRC4C82, BRC7e818. Wireless R/C.
  • Model DCS301C71. Unified On/Off R/C.
  • Model DCS302C71 Centralized R/C.
  • Model DST301BA61. Schedule Timer.
Daikin FXZQ18M7VJU Warranty :
  • One year parts warranty.
Important Note: The Daikin FXZQ18M7VJU is not a complete mini split system. It contains only the FXZQ18M7VJU Indoor Unit and requires a compatible Daikin Mini Split Outdoor Condenser.
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