GU195S On-Demand Hybrid Condensing Gas Fired Water Heater 98% - 199,000BTU print

GU195S On-Demand Hybrid Condensing Gas Fired Water Heater 98% - 199,000BTU

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Product Specifications
General Data
Fuel TypeNatural Gas
Vent TypeDirect Vent
Storage TypeHybrid
Coils Quantity1
Installation LocationIndoor/Outdoor
Performance Data
Maximum Output Capacity (BTU)199,000
Minimum Output Capacity (BTU)31,000
Flow Rate at 50F Temperature Rise (GPM)7.8
Energy Factor0.96
Maximum Flow Rate (GPM)19.5
Minimum Flow Rate (GPM)0.1
Electrical Data
Voltage (Volts)120
Frequency (Hertz)60
Primary Vent Pipe Diameter (Inches)3
Secondary Vent Pipe Diameter (Inches)2
Gas Connection Size (Inches)3/4
Cold Water Inlet (Inches)3/4
Hot Water Outlet (Inches)3/4
Product Height (Inches)29 1/10
Product Width (Inches)16 9/10
Product Depth (Inches)13 4/5
Product Weight (Pounds)96
Parts Warranty (Years)5
Heat Exchanger Warranty (Years)20
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Eternal GU195S On-Demand Hybrid Condensing Gas Fired Water Heater, Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger, 19.5 Gallons per Minute, 0.96 Energy Factor, Power Vent, Energy Star Rated
Product Overview

Eternal GU195S On-Demand Hybrid Condensing Gas Fired Water Heater 98% - 199,000BTU, 19.5 Gallons per Minute

Eternal GU195S On-Demand Hybrid Condensing Gas Fired Water Heater 98% - 199,000BTU model GU145 series is designed for up to 3 full bath homes and GU195 series is designed for up to 4 full bath homes. Eternal hybrid is a more effective water heating system. The advanced multi-pass heat exchanger drives heat downward then recycles it through 44 baffled stainless steel pipes for maximum efficiency. Water spreads thinly and evenly around the 44 heating pipes to absorb heat quickly. Cold water flows from the bottom up to prevent sedimentation build-up associated with other designs and the straight water-flow design eliminates pressure loss associated with coiled pipes. And because water flows around the pipes - not through them - there is no risk of build-up inside the pipes. Eternal GU145 and GU195S/M Models can be used as either Power-Vent or Direct-Vent appliance. When used as a Power-Vent appliance, the water heater should be located in an area where enough air is available for proper combustion and ventilation.

Eternal Hybrid Water Heater - How it Works - Breaking the Laws of Physics

Eternal Hybrid and Eternal Condensing Hybrids work on the Counter Flow Principle. This is an opposite approach to the way industry has traditionally built water heating appliances. Unlike any other water heater appliance, Eternal has achieved the highest efficiency in the industry without sacrificing your comfort!

Eternal on-Demand Water Heaters - Hybrid Way

In Eternal's Counter Flow design, cold water enters from the bottom up as a way of self cleaning the sedimentation, while heat is pushed through 44 radiating transfer pipes. Eternal Condensing Hybrid GU195 engineered an unprecedented 3 cycle process by pushing heat in 3 directions through the water and maximized energy transfer. In simplest terms, our patent slows the exhaust of heat by reusing the energy multiple times, rather than reducing water pressure. The end result is a small heat exchanger that is capable of replacing multiple tanks, while supplying endless hot water with consistent water pressure and doing it efficiently time after time.

Eternal Water Heater -Condensing Technology.

No matter which Eternal you choose, you'll get endless hot water, consistent pressure and never a cold water sandwich. When installed in optional recirculation, you'll save water by never waiting for hot water again.

Eternal GU195S On-Demand Hybrid Condensing Gas Fired Water Heater at a glance:

Eternal Clean Performance

  • 316L Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger w/built in 2 gallon reserve tank.
  • Meets NSF Standards for health and cleanliness.
  • Ultra low emissions (1ppm CO) leaves almost no carbon footprint and is safe.
  • Patented self-cleaning utilizes turbulent flow to flush sediments out.
  • Eternal Clever Hybrid Technology

  • 98%+ Efficiency saves cost, exceeds Energy Star standards, and qualifies for Tax and LEED credits.
  • Compact chassis can wall or floor mount; standard water connects on top.
  • Flexible NG / LP / Indoor / Outdoor / Direct Vent / Power Vent conversions in one unit.
  • 2" PVC up to 35ft or 3" PVC venting up to 100ft.
  • Dual Core CPU displays error codes and optionally controlled by up to 3 remotes.
  • Clip-on components can be easily serviced by technicians.
  • Eternal Confident Way of Domestic Hot Water

  • Full flow design enables high output without water pressure drop .
  • Thermostat and Flow Activation is compatible with WaterSense fixtures.
  • Easy integration with recirculation and no startup lag eliminates cold water sandwich.
  • Meets UL / CSA / ANSI / NSF and UPC standards.
  • Industry's BEST 20 year residential and 10 year commercial Heat Exchanger warranty.
  • Eternal Remote Controller Kit - Optional

  • Eternal Condensing Hybrids can be controlled by up to 3 remote controller kits. The remote adds convenience where the main unit may not be easily accessible, or situations where a change in temperature setting may be desired at arm's length. Priority button allows temperature setting to be locked at either the unit or at the remote, and the kit also displays GPM and Error Code data.
  • Remote Control Thermo Sensor.
  • Eternal Outdoor Vent Kit - Optional

  • This kit allows the GU145(S) and GU195(S,M) to be safely installed outdoors. Specific venting holes are directionally engineered to prevent improper combustion in challenging weather, and the intake and exhaust are protected from large debris. Made of durable stainless steel, the kit stays clean year round.
  • Eternal Condensate Neutralizer Kit - Optional

  • As a condensing appliance, Eternals condensate discharge may be required by local code to be neutralized before draining into the sewage. This kit is easy to install and regulates the discharge at 7pH to meet such code requirement. The cartridge is replaceable and should be checked once a year.
  • Eternal GU195S On-Demand Hybrid Condensing Gas Fired Water Heater 98% - 199,000BTU Other Standard Features :

  • All Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters Have ISO and ETL Approvals for U.S. and Canada.
  • Environmentally Friendly and ARI performance certified.
  • Sleek, Modern Design with Easy to Access Controls and Visible System.
  • 98% Efficiency.
  • Dual Flow Sensor for improved control.
  • ASME rated T&P valve is included.
  • Water pressure switch prevents dry-fire.
  • Computer controlled mixing valve injects cold water for precise outlet.
  • Hybrid Heat Exchanger insulated for efficiency.
  • Air pressure switch detects abnormal flue.
  • Dual stage air ratio full modulation gas valve works on low gas pressure at 3.5"WC.
  • Fully integrated controller board eliminates individual components for troubleshooting.
  • EBM motor with suspension to reduce vibrations and noise. Twist and lock flange for easy disassembly.
  • Shielded igniter box is protected from Electronic Magnetic Interference (EMI); from outer shell.
  • Eternal GU195S On-Demand Hybrid Condensing Gas Fired Water Heater 98% - 199,000BTU Warranty

    5 year parts / 20 years heat exchanger/1 year reasonable labor

    What advantages does Eternal Hybrid have over traditional tank?

    Eternal Hybrid Water Heater has much higher efficiency and stores up to just 6.4 gallons of hot water; its compact and efficient design enables capacity to replace multiple tanks, but uses less energy than a standard 50 gallon gas water heater.

    What advantages does Eternal Hybrid have over tankless?

    Eternal Hybrid Water Heater is constructed with corrosion resistant stainless steel that requires no maintenance; tankless is made from soft copper which can clog and corrode with use. Tankless requires costly periodic flushing of heat exchanger with vinegar to ensure performance and longevity whereas Eternal is engineered with a patented self cleaning design.

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