RXYMQ36PVJUVRV-III-S Series Outdoor Condenser - 36000 BTU
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Product Specifications
General Data
Type Outdoor Condenser
Operating Mode Heat Pump
Number of Zones 1
Multi-Zone Compatible Yes
Installation Location Outdoor
Performance Data
Nominal Capacity (BTU) 36,000
Cooling Capacity (BTU) 36,000
Heating Capacity (BTU) 42,000
SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) 14.9
EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) 11.5
HSPF 7.9
Maximum Sound Level (dB) 58
Electrical Data
Voltage (Volts) 208-230
Phase 1
Frequency (Hertz) 60
Recommended Breaker Size (A) 30
Maximum Line Length (Feet) 492
Liquid Connection Size (Inches) 3/8
Suction Connection Size (Inches) 5/8
Product Height (Inches) 52 15/16
Product Width (Inches) 35 7/16
Product Depth (Inches) 12 5/8
Product Weight (Pounds) 283
Parts Warranty (Years) 1
Compressor Warranty (Years) 6

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Daikin RXYMQ36PVJUVRV-III-S Series Outdoor Condenser - 36000 BTU. Includes (1) RXYMQ36PVJU 36000 BTU Outdoor Unit.
Product Overview

Daikin RXYMQ36PVJUVRV-III-S Series Outdoor Condenser - 36,000 BTU

Daikin Mini Split Systems are used in residential and commercial applications in more than 45 countries around the globe. Thanks to Daikin`s proven, revolutionary technologies, all of their products, including this Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU VRV-III-S Series Outdoor Condenser with 36,000 BTU of capacity feature precise temperature controls, whisper quiet operations, advanced zoning capabilities and extremely long lasting operation of every component with consistent quality, keeping the system up and running for up to 20 years after installation.

Are you tired of...

Long and expensive Installation? Instead of noisy compressors and large ductwork, the Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU uses a small, easily hidden and easily connectable pair of cooling lines with lenghts of up to 230 feet, and a maximum height of 164 feet. These lines open into a small three-inch opening through a wall or ceiling, connecting to the indoor units.

Noisy Operation? The design of the swing compressor used in the Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU reduces friction during operation for smoother and quieter rotation. This caused decreased vibration, resulting in a more durable compressor. It also minimizes the leakage of refrigerant gas during compression. The result is a system that operates quietly and efficiently.

Huge Energy Bills? The Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU Reluctance DC motors utilizes powerful neodymium magnets 10 times more powerful than conventional magnets. By maximizing torque, these motors can boost efficiency 20% higher than conventional motors. Along with that Pulse Amplitude Modulation Technology (PAM) is one of the keys to Daikin`s success in producing systems that offer high power while maintaining excellent energy efficiency. The PAM Control reduces energy loss by controlling how often the converter switches on and off.

Warranties? Along with technological and aesthetic sophistication and the highest reliability rates, every single Daikin Product, including the Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU, is backed up with one of the best warranties in the industry that keeps you protected.

Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU VRV-III-S Series Outdoor Condenser Features and Benefits:
  • Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation. The Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU VRV-III-S Series Outdoor Condenser sound levels can be reduced by 3dB for times when quieter operation is needed.
  • Inverter Driven Compressor - Maximizes energy savings by making sure only the energy needed to cool or heat an area precisely is used. You can enjoy high-speed cooling and heating and consistent delivery of comfort year-round.
  • Easy Installation - Installs quickly and easily, having no need for major construction and remodeling.
  • Complete Zone Control - Realizes maximum control and energy efficiency by cooling and heating only those spaces in use.
  • Easy Maintain - With easily accessible filters, little or no ductwork to keep clean, and simple wiring between the indoor and outdoor units, Daikin Mini Split Systems require minimal maintenance, providing another level of comfort and convenience.
  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant - The Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU Uses R410A, an environmentally friendly refrigerant.
  • The Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU VRV-III-S Series Outdoor Condenser includes:
    • Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU - outdoor condenser
    Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU Warranty:
    • 6 years compressor
    • 2 years parts
    eComfort Note:

    To complete the Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU VRV-III-S Series Outdoor Condenser, consider adding the following accessories that are required to complete every mini split system installation:

    By adding required accessories to Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU you are receiving a complete cooling solution completely ready for installation, so your contractor does not need to purchase required Daikin Accessories to finish the installation.

    Important Note: The Daikin RXYMQ36PVJU is not a complete mini split system. It contains only the RXYMQ36PVJU Outdoor Unit and requires a compatible Daikin Mini Split Indoor Unit.
    Product Accessories
    EZ-Roll - 25' Length - Ductless Mini Split Line Set - 3/8" x 5/8" Flare Connections - 3/8" Insulation
    Kamco EZ-Roll - 25' Length - Ductless Mini Split Line Set - 3/8" Liquid Line x 5/8" Suction Line - Flare Connections - 3/8" Insulation

    5/8" ID Vinyl Drain Tubing (per foot)
    Diversitech 5/8" ID Vinyl Drain Tubing (per foot), Drain Tubing for Air Conditioners

    14/4 Connecting Wire (per foot)
    Honeywell 14/4 Connecting Wire for Sanyo,Mitsubishi,Fujitsu, Daikin Mini Split System, Connecting Wire for Air Conditioners

    Disconnect Box + Electrical Whip Kit
    1/2" x 4' Non-Metallic Electrical Whip Kit and Disconnect Box, Electrical Whip Kit + disconnect box for Mini Split Air Conditioners

    36"x36"x2" Outdoor Condenser Plastic Pad
    Thermo 36"x36"x2" Outdoor Condenser Plastic Pad

    WBB300 Outdoor Condenser Wall Bracket, supports up to 300 lbs.
    Airtec WBB300 Outdoor Condenser Wall Bracket, supports up to 300 lbs., powdercoat finish, mounting width 3"-30", mounting depth 10.5"-16"

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