SEP-115SN Standard Combustion Commercial Unit Heater, Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger, NG - 115,000 BTU
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Product Specifications
General Data
Fuel TypeNatural Gas
Vent TypeStainless Steel
Performance Data
Heating Capacity (BTU)92,000
Maximum Input Capacity (BTU)115,000
Input Capacity Range
Efficiency (%)80
Maximum Air Flow (CFM)1,900
Air Throw (Feet)60
Electrical Data
Voltage (Volts)115
Frequency (Hertz)60
Primary Vent Pipe Diameter (Inches)4
Gas Piping Diameter (Inches)1/2
Product Height (Inches)32 3/16
Product Width (Inches)20 3/16
Product Depth (Inches)39 3/16
Product Weight (Pounds)125
Shipping Weight (Pounds)150
Heat Exchanger Warranty (Years)15

SEP-115SN Standard Combustion Commercial Unit Heater, Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger, NG - 115,000 BTU print

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ADP SEP-115SN Standard Combustion Commercial Unit Heater, Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger, NG - 115,000 BTU, Natural Gas Fuel Type
Product Overview

ADP SEP-115SN Standard Combustion Commercial Unit Heater, Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger, NG - 115,000 BTU

Introducing the SEP Series by ADP. These large commercial unit heaters are the perfect solution for heating warehouse and garage spaces. ADP's dedication for perfect quality products, extremely advanced designs, unique processes, propriety testing technologies and a trouble-free customer experience are integrated into the manufacturing process. The SEP series gas-fired propeller unit heaters deliver 80% thermal efficiency and 78% seasonal efficiency using natural gas or LPG in all models. This excellent efficiency sets a new standard for savings when using gas-fired unit heaters. The design of this unit heater has proven itself to be superior during the fourteen years and hundreds of thousands of hours of tough winter climate and laboratory life cycle testing under extreme conditions. The SEP has been designed to provide a long, trouble-free service life. Every heater undergoes continuous quality checks at all stages of manufacturing. After assembly, each heater is test fired and functionally tested to provide final assurance that it is performing in accordance with ADP's rigorous quality standards. Constructed on 18- to 22-gauge cold rolled steel, each cabinet has a pre-painted finish for superior resistance to corrosive elements. Each cabinet has a two-point (3/8" X 16" spotnut) suspension system for easy installation. The two fan models have four-point suspensions. Generous use of inside cabinet insulation keeps the outer surface temperatures low. The wiring junction box is conveniently located on the side of the cabinet for easy access and adequate protection.

ADP SEP-115SN Standard Combustion Commercial Unit Heater Features:
  • Tubular Heat Exchanger - Constructed of aluminized steel for superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Additional protection is available with an optional stainless steel heat exchanger. The curving design provides for complete exposure of the heating surface to the supply air stream. Rounded surfaces minimize air resistance and permit air to surround all heat transfer surfaces for excellent heat transfer. Tubular design means lighter weight and significantly longer service life due to lower thermal-induced stresses. Further, the tubular exchangers create less resistance to air flowing through the unit, therefore providing higher airflow and great throw distance of the heated air to the space.
  • Inshot burner - These lightweight aluminized steel burners are maintenance-free and never require adjustment. The burning venturi mixes air and gas in the correct proportion for efficient combustion. The entire burner assembly is removable as one piece for ease of service.
  • Direct spark ignition - In combination with the 24-volt main gas valve with 100% shutoff for safety, the direct spark ignition control provides positive, reliable and safe main burner ignition. This eliminates the need for a pilot light, improving system efficiency and reliability. A separate flame sensor proves main burner ignition. If loss of main burner flame should occur, the control will reinitiate ignition 3 times before locking out for one hour, thus reducing nuisance service calls. The unit will reinitiate ignition after the one hour lockout.
  • Air distribution - All models are equipped with efficient, quiet, direct-drive propeller fans, which have been dynamically balanced for quiet, smooth operation. Heated air flows easily through the tubular heat exchangers and is effectively, directed to the heated space by means of aerodynamically shaped outlet louvers.
ADP SEP-115SN Standard Combustion Commercial Unit Heater's Shipping Content Includes:
  • A completely assembled heater
  • Installation and operation instructions
  • Warranty certificate
  • Flue transition
ADP SEP-115SN Standard Combustion Commercial Unit Heater Warranty:
  • Material & Workmanship: 2 years
  • Heat Exchanger: 15 years
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